Douglas Flood Relief Scheme (Including Togher Culvert)

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Summary Updates

Progress Update May 2019.pdf

Progress Update April 2019.pdf

Progress Update March 2019.pdf

Progress Update October 2018.pdf

Progress Update June 2018.pdf

Progress Update Feb 2018.pdf

Progress Update Dec 2017.pdf

Progress Update Nov 2017.pdf

Progress Update September 2017.pdf

Planning Application Documents -18th May 2017

Douglas FRS Proposed Scheme Drawings

Douglas FRS EIS Non-Technical Summary

Douglas FRS EIS Main Report

Douglas FRS EIS Appendices Part 1 of 3

Douglas FRS EIS Appendices Part 2 of 3

Douglas FRS EIS Appendices Part 3 of 3 (incl Photomontages)

Douglas FRS Site Notice

Project Reports

Overarching Options with Appendices Report

Togher Hydraulics Report

Douglas Hydraulics Report

Hydrology Report

Douglas FRS Constraints Study

Treatment of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed treatment area Douglas

Japanese Knotweed Leaflet

Public Information Day No. 2 Documents

Brochure & Questionnaire

Existing Flood Extent


Preferred Options

Public Information Day No. 1 Documents

Public Information Day No 1 Brochure

Public Information Day No 1 Posters

Public Information Day No 1 Questionnaire

Latest news

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